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As you may know, a number of my clients have children or grandchildren who have autism or autism spectrum disorders.

One of my clients, Beth Secosky, has seen an amazing reduction in her son’s ASD symptoms through the use of diet. Beth has spent years studying the role of diet in autism and other developmental disabilities and has become a motivational health coach helping parents explore whether diet might benefit their child and how the parents might implement dietary changes.

Beth will be presenting her findings about diet and autism on July 23rd here at our office at 7:00 pm. The workshop is titled, How to tell if your child might benefit from dietary changes.

She will cover:

The diets that are most effective for autism, AD(H)D, learning disabilities, and mood problems

Might your child respond?

How can picky eaters benefit?

Case studies

The session will be held in our office at 8406 Six Forks, #102 in Raleigh.

Workshop space is limited, so please register directly with Beth at or 919-828-8221.

Hope to see you on Tuesday, July 23rd, at 7pm!

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