On a recent trip to the Northeast, we stopped by our friend’s house for a few days in Pennsylvania. Their son Ewan, who before COVIDEwan at the Game had come to North Carolina to visit each Summer after school was out, had just turned eighteen. Worse, he was heading off to college. There’s something about friends’ children heading off to college to remind you that the years keep coming.

Ewan was spending his pre-college Summer as a counselor at a Scout camp, and we went with his parents to visit on a parent’s night. (It also helps that his mother is pretty high up in the Scouts so an invite for the family friends was not a problem). During our visit, I asked his mother if he had his own financial and health care powers of attorney. She mumbled one word: “crap.”

It’s extremely typical in the chaos of sending a kid off to college to forget that this is one item that is frequently missed. However, I was able to point them in the right direction to get it taken care of. If your children still live at home but are legal adults, having these two important documents can be invaluable in a crisis. Check out this quick video with by clicking here.