Adapting to Zoom Life

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Ways to Keep Safely Moving Forward While the worldwide pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus continues, our office and the rest of the world is finding ways to safely keep moving forward. We all [...]

No. 9 of the Top Ten Medicaid Don’ts

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A reverse mortgage is often a short-term solution to a much longer-term problem that takes many Medicaid Planning options off the table. Unfortunately, we often see families who have a substantial debt [...]

Clients Who Think They Know Better

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While this one is humorous and mainly for attorneys, it does illustrate an important point: that what the average person *thinks* happens when someone passes on does not necessarily line up with [...]

Helping Clients During a Shelter in Place Order

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As an essential business during emergency orders from the county to shelter in place, what measures are we taking to help our clients in as safe a way as possible? All meetings [...]

Caregiver Surprises

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Becoming a caregiver could come on slowly as a loved one declines or as a surprise, resulting from an accident, sudden new diagnosis, or resulting from unanticipated medical complications. Being thrust into the role [...]

Basic Documents Everyone Needs

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While reported instances of the COVID-19 continuing to rise, the CDC and other government agencies have recommended isolation, personal distance, and other protective measures to halt the spread. Fortunately, with the public [...]

Law Office and Care Assistance Center Adapts Processes to Address COVID-19

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As I write this, COVID-19 has many people quarantined in their houses and unable to work. Fortunately, our office has the equipment, systems, and processes to continue to work even while maintaining “social distance” [...]

Top Ten Medicaid Dont’s

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Starting with:  10. Should I Go to the Medicaid Office for Answers? They are not there to help your family keep the most assets; they want you to spend everything possible before [...]

The Five Supervillains of Generational Planning

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We had a little fun with this one, but the point is still serious. If your goal is to have a certain amount of money to retire on, then do you want [...]

Does Your Family Have Generational Financial Security?

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The bad news is it probably doesn't. The good news is that while it's not possible to go back in time and change things, your family can gain Generational financial security moving [...]