Why is it Important to Consider Your Will When Going Through an Absolute Divorce?

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By: New Direction Family Law When you are in the midst of a separation or divorce, your main concerns are likely your children’s well-being, how your property will be divided and how this will [...]

Protecting Generational Inheritances

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The economy is changing, wealth is shifting, and the younger generation is being left behind. That may sound like a bold statement, but it is pretty darn accurate. It’s tempting to just say that [...]

NC State Circle K Starts a New Academic Year

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The academic year is just beginning, and it’s another opportunity for my NC State Circle K International Club to shine. As many of my clients know, I am a member of the Kiwanis [...]

Reversing the Medicaid Squeeze

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The intricate maze of Medicaid Planning confuses even seasoned professionals if they don’t focus on this type of planning in their daily practice, and it’s easy to find differing opinions. Accountants cringe when told [...]

Law Office to Handle More Estate Administration

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Estate Administration The worst part-time job you’ll ever have being an Executor of a loved one’s estate when they have not planned to avoid probate. For many years, our firm has worked tirelessly to [...]

Don’t Take the Responsibility for Storing Credit Card Numbers by Whitney Hill

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As electronic payments become more prevalent in business today, there are lots of reasons why business owners may want to store their customers’ credit card numbers. Whether a large or small company, this practice [...]

Medicaid DOES Care if you Gift $15,000

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It’s an extremely common mistake made by families trying to handle Care Assistance Planning on their own. Mom was diagnosed with dementia, in a few years she will need nursing home care, and she [...]