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Which Option is Best?

When deciding what type of long term care is best for you or a loved one, there are many options to choose from, depending on the living environment desired and level of care needed. I like to narrow it down to four basic options. 

Companion Care

Companion care is when a caregiver comes into the person’s home – he or she may even live there – to provide the assistance needed, such as getting dressed or preparing meals. 

Living with Family

Those needing long term care may decide against having someone come to their home and will choose to move in with family. Sometimes this can be a little disorienting, depending on the person’s condition, as well as distressing since they have to give up their home. However, there can be a net gain because there will often be more than one person at the family’s house to provide care and companionship for them. 

Assisted Living

Assisted Living has many different types of facilities with a range of levels and care. This option may provide meals and a common area that is very communal, but is still very much independent. However, care can range all the way up to the skilled-level nursing; and sometimes there are facilities that will combine the two. 

Nursing/Skilled Care

There are facilities where people live who need 24/7 nursing or skilled-level care that can include professional, medical and often custodial, but not rehabilitative. For example, a person with severe dementia who really needs someone there constantly would be a good candidate for a nursing or skilled-care residence.

With so many options and choices, there come questions and concerns. If you would like to learn more about the level of care options available, please feel free to contact our office. We have friendly and caring staff that are here to help you.

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