*Here’s one mainly for attorneys, but the general public will also find it interesting.*

What are the biggest red flags I see when meeting with clients for the first time that make me believe our firm won’t be a good fit for them? While I’m sure there are other obvious ones, like they really want us to sue an estate instead of going through their own estate planning, those usually don’t come up because of our process.

Our big five are:
1) Haggling over price
2) They refuse to follow our process
3) They lie about doing their homework
4) They won’t answer my questions
5) They refuse to sign up at the end of the meeting

While a few of these may sound like they shouldn’t be red flags, I go more in depth into why they actually are in the context of our process. What are some other red flags? How does your firm deal with some of these issues? Please let us know in the comments below.

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