Do not get caught off-guard by the inevitable legal issues that occur after the death of a loved one. Find out what needs to be done to avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes before the deceased’s estate goes into probate. TRYING TO HANDLE PROBATE YOURSELF MAY JEOPARDIZE YOUR INHERITANCE.

What exactly is probate in North Carolina?

Simply put, probate is the court process of retitling assets from a deceased person’s name into the name of the proper beneficiaries. Well, that doesn’t sound so complicated, does it? But it is. If you can think of the most roundabout and convoluted way of doing something simple, probate would make it look like a walk in the park.


You will be given everything you need to prepare and empower you before talking with an Estate Administration Attorney about the probate process. It includes:

  1. Specific steps to help you get organized and to avoid taking actions out of order that can only frustrate you and your family members.

  2. Some simple security tasks that can greatly enhance protection for estate assets, from theft outside the family and from within.

  3. Meeting guidelines for hiring an Estate Administration Attorney.

…And much, much more.

My name is Jeffrey G. Marsocci, and for almost 20 years I have successfully helped hundreds of clients administer their estates and provided legal counseling on how to avoid hidden traps, lost opportunities, and sidestepping burdensome bureaucratic red tape that commonly occur with probate.

I am offering this guide with the hope of saving people from additional stress and grief long after their loved one has passed.

Jeffrey G. Marsocci, Esq.

In addition to the opportunity to request a FREE copy of Six Steps to Take When Someone Passes On, I’m also offering you a FREE electronic copy of my Estate Administration Notebook. This is a wonderful tool that will help you begin to collect the most important information and help prepare you for your first meeting. Plus, we will send you a series of
e-mails on topics related to the Estate Administration process.

“Jeff explained the complicated estate law in a way to understand including the use of diagrams. He was very patient with multiple questions and he was able to answer our range of diverse questions.” Ryan S.
“Very pleased with the service and process. He made a complicated process simple. The staff is caring, knowledgeable and responsive.” Margaret D.
“Jeff answered our questions thoroughly and clearly.” Deborah H.
“Fantastic Jeff is extremely thorough patient & personable. He does a great job of explaining a multitude of things to consider. He gives great piece of mind. He also has great examples to illustrate complex problems.” Arlan & JoEllen M.

Free Probate Planning Strategy
Session ($750 Value)

We begin our relationships with a Probate Planning Strategy Session. This way, we make sure that any decisions you have made meets with the decedents’ wishes. After this session, you can choose to have a plan created by our firm or choose any other competent attorney to do so.

As a special offer for people who request our Guide, we’ll waive the $750 session fee. Just request your copy of the Guide to the right and you can have your session without charge.

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