Don’t Fall Victim to Discriminatory Laws!

Not when you and your partner can do something about it. You and your partner can empower yourselves though the proven legal techniques described in the book Estate Planning for Domestic Partners: The Legal Secrets You Need to Know to Protect Your Partner and Your Future. Written by a prominent estate planning attorney, this valuable information can help you navigate around the restrictive laws that prevent you and your partner from gaining full marriage and tax rights by using other legal principles such as contracts, trusts, and powers of attorney.


Every day, domestic partners who were committed to each other for years find themselves powerless when their partner falls ill, or worse, dies. All of the promises made, all of the commitments spoken are swept aside because the right legal documents were not put in place.

  • A man is denied the rights to even visit his partner in the hospital, let alone make medical decisions for him, all because they did not have the right healthcare documents in place.
  • A woman is thrown out of her residence of ten years and left without financial support because the court appointed “a family member” to handle her partner’s finances when she was in an accident and is now comatose.
  • A man who was with his partner for decades spends years in probate court rebuffing a frivolous lawsuit after his partner died and the opportunistic family members descended like vultures on the estate, demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars to “make the lawsuit go away.”

We hear all the stories, and we all know that domestic partners have to take legal steps to make sure that these nightmares never happen. As difficult as the subject is to even address, things are made more difficult by all of the misinformation out there. It’s not enough just to take action–You and your partner need to take effective action to protect your lives, your property, and each other. You can now learn to take effective action:


There is finally information available to help domestic partners take the positive steps of life and estate planning while avoiding the land mines of bad advice, inferior documents, and office supply forms. For only $19.97 plus S & H, you and your partner can learn how to avoid mistakes that can cost thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars, months of wasted time and frustrating complications.  For less money than most do-it-yourself computer estate planning programs, you and your partner can:

  • Learn to spot poor but common planning techniques that are guaranteed to cause you or your partner lost time, wasted money and legal headaches;
  • Identify common domestic partner goals and the effective legal techniques to achieve them;
  • Save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars for your loved ones by avoiding unnecessary taxes and expenses; and
  • Create powerful legal documents that allow you and your partner to make legal and healthcare decisions for each other

Estate Planning for Domestic Partners: The Legal Secrets You Need to Know to Protect Your Partner and Your Future provides essential information every domestic partner couple needs to survive and flourish when the marriage laws won’t protect you.


You and your partner have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t remain at the mercy of government laws and political machinations when you and your partner can empower yourselves. Order today.