The educational programs are now live!

As mentioned in previous articles, we made substantial investments in both time and resources to create online educational programs. Several of these programs are now online for sale, and a few more are in the works. The current programs available are:

  • Covers the basics of estate planning, including overviews of the downsides of probate, the differences between a Will and a Trust, and the biggest decisions people need to make. In addition, the program covers collecting and organizing the main information needed by attorneys in helping you create an estate plan so that you can walk into the law office three steps ahead of everyone else.
  • Long term care can be expensive, but veterans, their spouses, and surviving spouses have a special benefit to help with these costs through the VA. This program reviews the basics of the VA Pension Benefit, the main tests for qualifying, how the pension benefit works in conjunction with Medicaid, and some of the tools used in the care assistance planning process.
  • Some of the most frequent questions we get from existing clients are regarding the funding of their revocable living trust, either soon after the documents are signed or years later when new assets are acquired. In this course, I review the basic types of assets, the main recommended strategies and the reasoning behind them, and different methods of making the changes. I even review several generic forms and how to fill them out as well as some frequent items requested in transactions such as home purchases/sales and
  • – When it comes to estate planning for a special needs beneficiary, there is much more misinformation, myths, and folk remedies than other areas of planning because there could be thousands of dollars per month in benefits that could be lost if there is a misstep. This course covers those myths, reviews the main problems, highlights solutions, and provides a framework for thinking about estate planning the right way in plain English.
  • In addition, other programs are in the works, including Medicaid planning, blended family estate planning, and “in-law” protection planning to make sure your estate filters down to the grandchildren rather than to the spouse of a child. I will also be creating a program specifically for other professionals on building an effective client estate planning process designed specifically for attorneys, financial advisors, and accountants with ongoing monthly coaching topics. All of these programs will hopefully be available by January 2022.

As a part of our community, we are offering the four programs that are already available with a 50% OFF COUPON through December 31, 2021. On any of the courses, use the coupon code 2021CRASHCOURSE50 to get 50% off these programs. PLEASE NOTE: If you are a law office client on a current Peace of Mind program, then please call the law office at 919-844-7993 and speak to Janelle before purchasing any of these products because we plan to include access to some of them as part of your annual program price. More information on changes to the Peace of Mind program will be coming in the next month or so.