Several times a year, our firm helps The Alliance of AIDS Services Carolina (AAS-C) raise funds through its Drag Bingo Program. The event is one of the most popular attractions in the Triangle area that brings together a diverse group of people. It is incredible to see people who are able to leave their differences behind, create an enjoyable atmosphere, and take a part in helping others in need by playing a game. Every participant gains not only a memorable experience filled with lots of joy and laughter, but also a deeper understanding of his or her involvement.

Many people do not realize that the problem of AIDS in the United States is still a serious issue. Even though we do not hear about as often as in the 1980s, many of the victims desperately need our help and support. Besides the emergency assistance, The Alliance offers many other services needed by AIDS patients and their families, such as counseling, financial assistance, and nutritional services. In addition, they provide a prevention education for communities affected by HIV/AIDS and their caregivers. With the help of the Wake County Human Services, the Alliance is able to serve many communities beyond Wake, Johnston, Orange, and Durham. Since North Carolina is ranked 12th among the 50 states in AIDS cases, the need for help is great. Your involvement can be as simple as attending the Drag Bingo where you can meet incredible people, build a great relationships, and help others simultaneously.

According to one of the Drag Bingo volunteers, Briana,

“Drag Bingo has been a real eye-opener for me. Attending Drag Bingo has allowed me to see how many people care about finding a cure. It also has allowed me to see how caring and inviting of an environment Drag Bingo has become. It accepts all types of people, whether new to drag bingo, a regular, gay, straight/ally, lesbian, families or coming to play by alone. Drag Bingo shows that people are not afraid to be themselves and stand up to support what they believe in by whatever means necessary. Each time I attend Drag Bingo, I feel more a part of the close-knit family that it has developed into and more passionate about raising money and encouraging friends to also support Drag Bingo and the Alliance. I hope to continue to dedicate my time, energy, and passion for Drag Bingo and provide my support by any means necessary to find a cure”.

All attendees are entertained by the Bingo Verifying Divas “BVD’s”, who provide a great performance and unforgettable time. Along with the unique costumes and hairstyles, they create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Drag Bingo is hosted by Mary K. Mart and Marilyn Merlot, two of the Triangle’s most popular drag queens, and the BVDs who put on a wonderful show between games. The game itself is fun too, and all participants can win prizes donated by generous area businesses. And, there is no game without great food, such as hot dogs, veggie burgers, and sweet treats. The HRC Triangle Steering Committee graciously donates the condiments and chili. All sales go to the Alliance of AIDS Services Carolina to support their mission. On average, the organization is able to raise $10, 000 on a typical night. So, buy your ticket today and make a difference in your community. Because you do not know people who are suffering from this tragic disease, it does not mean that the problem does not exist.

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