I have a lot of clients who come in thinking that their monthly payments to their insurance company is going to cover long-term care if the need arises. However, even the best insurance in the world generally doesn’t pay for extended, custodial care assistance.

Long Term Care Typically Requires Long Term Care Insurance

While you need to check your insurance policy, since sometimes there are certain benefits that go along with it, the fact is that nursing home level care is not considered rehabilitative. While rehab care is generally covered by health insurance policies, custodial care is usually not. Long term care facilities provide custodial-type of care for someone who has, for example, dementia or is just not going to get better. Now, there may be exceptions in health care policies here or there, but the fact is that long term care typically requires long term care insurance to help cover those costs. Again, it’s not something typically covered in your regular health insurance policy.

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