No, they don’t… Not really.


Medicare Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions around this whole area of Medicare, because Medicare supplements cover some things, but not as much as people think.


What Supplements Cover

Medicare supplements will take care of certain deductibles and copays that Medicare doesn’t cover. Supplements provide coverage when Medicare is paying for your nursing home care, because it is considered rehabilitative and only within the 100 day period of becoming eligible. However, if you reach 21 day, a large copay becomes due. That’s when the Medicare supplement (typically called Medigap insurance) will kick in.


What’s Not Covered

However, if the care being provided is no longer considered rehabilitative, only custodial (as with dementia) because the person is not going to get any better, Medicare will not pay for that type of care. Therefore, the Medigap insurance is not going to take care of the copays. The most Medicare supplements are going to cover are the deductibles during that 100-day period when Medicare would already be paying for nursing-home-level care.


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