As with everything, there’s a lot of cost and benefit analysis involved in answering this question, and what is going to be more efficient for you. Knowing all of this, my answer is Yes – you probably you do. I have seen a lot of people try to handle their estates alone and it ends up invariably becoming a mess. Clients then contact our firm to clean up the mess and it’s usually a lot more work just to get back to square one and start things over.

Probate is Like a Stone in Your Shoe

It takes a lot of time to handle the probate process as the administrator or the executor: scheduling appointments, meetings at the law firm, visiting the courthouse to file documentation, and getting information from various financial institutions are just a few of the time-consuming responsibilities involved. Even if you hire an attorney to handle the legal paperwork, there is still a lot of running around, and you still have to arrange to have everything signed. All the paperwork is quite burdensome, and after the first month or two, probate becomes quite a drag. During this process you are just trying to get on with your own life and deal with personal, family and business issues. Probate really becomes a kind of bothersome stone in your shoe – a constant source of aggravation because you have to get things done according to legal requirements and it has to get done in a certain time.

How We Can Help

Our firm can serve as your personal representative. We’ll be that executor or administrator for the estate. We’ll handle all the paperwork and do everything possible to lessen your legal responsibilities. We’ll get things going and keep the process moving forward.

So, do you need an attorney to handle probate? Technically, No. But I just know from experience that it is a lot easier and it’s a lot quicker if you did.

If you have any questions, please visit our website at If you are a North Carolina resident or if the deceased is from North Carolina, you can get a complimentary copy of my book: Six Steps to Take When Someone Passes On. You are also welcome to give our office a call at (919) 844-7993.