HIV/AIDS is one of the World’s toughest challenges regarding human health.  In the US, more than 1.1 Million people are currently living with HIV, and more than 35.3 Million people are affected worldwide. Also in the US, it is estimated that more than 180,000 people haven’t even been diagnosed yet.  Over the past decade, the number of people receiving an AIDS/HIV diagnosis has been constantly increasing.  That is why we, as an office, are helping take a stand against HIV.

Despite the negative statistics, due to the increase in volunteers, research studies, service organizations, funders, there have been more and more positive changes in our society over the past decade.  For example, In 2012 a drug hit the market, that was made to help pregnant women diagnosed with HIV prevent transmission to their fetus.  Also people living with AIDS/HIV now live longer and healthier lives than those that contracted the disease in the past.

Dining Out for Life is a program that benefits our own Alliance of AIDS Services Carolina and the Western North Carolina AIDS Project. It helps bring business to the local restaurants, and it’s a great way of bringing awareness to a problem that has been haunting our country for years.

Dining Out for Life has been raising money to fight HIV since 1991 and now it is raising more than $4 million annually to help support the “mission of HIV/AIDS service organizations throughout North America.”  Also, funds raised go right back into the community in which it was raised, except the “annual licensing fee of $1,150.”

  The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci, PLLC are fully invested in this cause to help bring awareness and raise money, because every little bit today could help save a life tomorrow.

 We’ve been sponsoring the Alliance of AIDS Services Carolina,for more than 8 years, and Dining Out For Life is a major contributor for that program.

We made the choice to become a part of the solution.  How about you?