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A lot of people feel that organizing their life costs tons of money.  Well, I am here to tell you that that will no longer be a thought.  We have done tons of research on ways to organize on a budget and we found some very useful information.

Now instead of living by the saying “Out with the old and in with the new, you’ll be thinking “Done with the old, now what can I turn it into?”.  Instead of using store-bought items, use something that’s sitting around the house, collecting dust.  Don’t know where to start?  Don’t worry, just get ready for some life changing information.

Sick of having to wrestle, trying to untangle power cords?

One day I was moving to another home, and my husband has been against packing boxes so instead of arguing about it we chose to do it his way the grab-and-go method.  At first, everything went well, we were able to move all of our stuff that night, so we began unpacking.  Of course, we couldn’t do it all in one night, so we skipped the small stuff and just choose to get the electronics running and get our bed made.  The bed was no problem, but when we started hooking up the electronics, we couldn’t find anything.  At one point we had the HDMI plug but no Power cord, and then we located the power cord but we lost the HDMI.  It was a big mess. Instead of stressing over it, we just went to the store to buy what we needed.  We ended up spending almost $200, and a few days we found that all of the cords we needed, were stuffed in the bag we put the kitchenware in.  We were disappointed but we definitely learned a lesson in the process.  So this tip to help you not make the same mistake we made.  No more losing important power cords.  You can just take all of those toilet tissue rolls, grab a random box and use the rolls to separate the cords without them getting tangled and this will instantly create organization for your technology.

Are you tired of having to bend down to grab the cleaning materials from under the sink.  Just to find that your children didn’t put it back where they found it.

 This is a great idea because it keeps all of your cleaning materials together, it makes it easy for you to retrieve one when necessary, and it clears up space from under your sink.  My husband used to always say that he couldn’t bend down to grab the cleaner, so I would be stuck doing most of the cleaning.  I know that this trick will be the answer we have been looking for to make cleaning an easier process.

Need more closet space for your hangers?

Well this step will create more room in your closet and it will make sure that your clothes are hanging neatly.  Just take your hangers, put can soda caps on the neck of each, and hang another hanger from the cap.  Now you have double the storage that had without spending a dime.  I felt this idea was very convenient for our clients with crowded closets because it can save you the stress of having to relocate clothes that just can’t fit with the rest of your items.

Are you tired of losing the remote?

For some reason, everytime I put the remote down it vanishes into thin air.  I don’t know if it’s from the dogs playing with it, or just from my lack of putting it in the same place every time, but this idea will get rid of that problem for sure.  Just use velcro and stick it to your coffee table, side table or wherever would be the most convenient for you.

So I just gave you a few options of things you could do to get organized around the house, and not only will it make it easier for you to find products and to have more space, but it also will help you eliminate stress. So definitely experiment with some of your household items you have laying around, and I promise you’ll be surprised what you will find.  Good Luck!

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