An Open Letter to Jeff’s Clients:

It has recently come to our attention that Ginsburg and Brandeis, the so-called “office frogs,” have been getting undue attention in the law office’s newsletters, Facebook pages, and other media. While we tolerated this for may weeks, the constant barrage of frog cuteness has become intolerable. After all, we were here first, and cats are far superior pets compared to frogs.

Does a frog purr for attention when they see you? No. Does a frog jump onto the bathroom counter to stick his head in the faucet while you are trying to use it? No, and that is really cute. Do frogs come and greet you at the door when you come home (looking for a whole day’s worth of affection in however much time you have before having to leave for work the next morning)? No. And does a frog jump into your lap uninvited? Well, maybe, but that’s just gross. Darn it all, we’re cute and we want equal time.

It is now time for all cats and cat lovers to rise up and insist on cat pictures in the newsletter and posts about us on Facebook. We have seniority over these froggy-come-latelys, and it is past time that our cuteness was put front and center! Chant with me!

More Monty and Squeak! More Monty and Squeak! More Monty and Squeak!