After a brief volunteering hiatus, Jeff has accepted a major role with a volunteer organization as Editor of the Eastern Tarheel, the bulletin of the North Carolina District East (NCDE) of Civitan International. As of August 22, his appointment became official. He had previously been working with the Communications Committee of his own club, the Triangle YP Civitans. Jeff will also be working with his wife Kathy Marsocci, who is the NCDE Civitan Webmaster, on developing an overall communications strategy which will more heavily incorporate social media and other outlets.

“At the moment, the district has an active Facebook business page, website, and newsletter, but there is so much more we can do,” Jeff said. “There is no reason not to also spread the same messages across Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We are also exploring the use of YouTube, podcasts, and even Tik Tok to more broadly distribute information about the accomplishments of our Civitan members and clubs. There are different ways different people consume information. The message doesn’t have to change, but we want more options to accommodate the way people want to get their information.”

In addition to social media, all of the articles for the bulletin will also be posted on the revamped district website at in its blog section. “The NCDE Civitan organization, its clubs, and members have been serving communities in eastern North Carolina for many years,” Kathy Marsocci said.“But I know we can make it easier for people to get Civitan information and receive it more frequently through blogs and social media.”

The Eastern Tarheel is published quarterly by the North Carolina District East of Civitan International, and the district website at is updated frequently. For more information on volunteering with the Civitan organization, please check out the website or email Jeff at [email protected].