Fundraising for NC State Circle K

Mr. Marsocci combined multiple roles into one at The Estate Planning Source’s Advanced Institute last month. As The Plain English Attorney, he taught two educational sessions to attorneys, financial advisors, and accountants in easy to understand language. As the business owner of a law firm, he blended estate planning knowledge with twenty three years of business experience to teach the attendees how to develop an office process addressing the client’s needs without pushing too much information at once. And, finally, Jeff managed to turn the sale of some of his office process materials into a fundraiser for the Circle K Chapter he advises at NC State.

“The fundraiser was a surprise to everyone except their club treasurer,” Jeff said. “In the session Building Planning Processes to Maximize Client Satisfaction, I taught about the importance of walking clients through the planning process in easily digestible steps, including reading my book Estate Planning Basics prior to the first strategy session. I also stressed the importance of the client process having established checklists, specific topics to be covered at each meeting, and, most importantly, a one-page process flowchart for the clients to follow. At the end of the presentation, I offered all of these materials as a template for the attendees to use to create their own process for $99.95 with all of the proceeds going to the Circle K Club I advise at NC State.”

The offer specifically included the pre-appointment packet the office typically sends out prior to the Estate Strategy Session, the conference room “starter folder” that includes all of the meeting checklists, and six of Mr. Marsocci’s e-books with a license to send them to their clients and prospects. The link to donate to Circle K and receive the materials is, and the offer extends through October 31, 2019.

The college students in NC State Circle K devote their time and energy to making the world a better place,” Jeff said. “Whether it’s Circle K Cleaning Up at Kiwanis Park building a haunted house experience for the kids at the Boys and Girls Club, mulching with Raleigh Parks and Rec, or expanding a field used by students by tearing down invasive vines and branches at Kiwanis Park, these dedicated students shouldn’t have to spend so much time fundraising to cover those expenses their sponsoring Kiwanis Club can’t. Yes, they still need to do some fundraising, but I didn’t want it to be an overriding priority for them.”

The materials offer is still available through October 31, 2019 at If you know of any attorneys, financial advisors, or other professionals who might find these materials useful, then please forward this article to them. If anyone wishes to simply donate to NC State Circle K, they can do so at (NC State Circle K is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, so donations to them are NOT tax-deductible as charitable contributions.)