Thank you for your participation in The Estate Plan’s Institute for Estate Preservation. As promised, here are some materials and resources from Jeffrey G. Marsocci and his law firm.


For the probate retainer agreements to give to attorneys who say your client only needs a will, here are the links to download them:

For couples: click here

For individuals: click here


For the estate planning process used by our firm, please click here.


To order The Anti-Probate Revolution book for the reduced price of $7.50 only available to professionals affiliated with The Estate Plan, please click here.

To order The IRA Trust book for $7.50, please click here.

To order The Simple Guide to Special Needs Estate Planning, for $7.50, please click here.

To order The Estate Plan’s 222 Must-Have Provisions book for $5.49, please click here. (Password is “theestateplan”).


To view the living trust educational video, please click here.

DOMA decision, US v. Windsor, please click here.

Revenue Ruling re: Married Same-Sex Partners, please click here.

To view the 2008 report on Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, please click here.


OTHER BOOKS: There are other books available for sale at regular rates, including Estate Planning for Domestic Partners, Estate Planning for Married Couples, and The Joint Property Tax Trap. Please click here

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