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Just the FAQs, Ma’am (Vol. 1)

Just the FAQs, Ma'am (Vol. 1) Living Trust vs Will

FAQs to Basic Estate Planning Questions Living Trust As part of getting back to basics for people searching for basic estate planning answers, I’m going to cover some basic questions that come from Henry W. Abts III’s book The Living Trust in Appendix G. While the questions are coming from the book, the answers are […]

What Probate Attorneys Don’t Want You to Know

Probate Attorneys - What the Don’t Want You to Know

Follow The Money I’m seeing more attorneys these days at least reference a revocable living trust when speaking with their clients if they are asked about estate planning options. However, it is still the norm if clients call up a law office and ask to get a Will done that attorneys will just go through […]

7 Things NOT to Put in Your Will

Last Will & Testament - Seven Items to Keep Out

Last Will & Testament A Last Will and Testament is supposed to be a way to communicate your wishes after you’re gone… but there are a lot of “extra” things DIY people (and even some attorneys) put into Wills that really don’t belong there and could cause problems down the road. Why shouldn’t you be […]

My Mom is on Her Deathbed… What Do I Do?

Beneficiary - No Will Moms on Deathbed

No Will – No Beneficiary Unfortunately, many people leave planning their estate to the last minute, or they never make a plan at all. In this edition, Jeff examines options and advice from other attorneys to a son on Reddit trying to frantically get his mother’s wishes in place as she lies on her deathbed. […]

Howard Hughes Estate Settled… After 34 Years

Howard Hughes Estate Probate Debacle

The Howard Hughes Estate The impossible has happened. No, the federal government hasn’t done away with all death taxes. No, ice cream is not free. No, it’s more astounding than that. Howard Hughes, who died in 1976, will finally have his estate settled and closed. And it only took 34 years! Howard Hughes, the eccentric […]

How Much Does Probate Cost?

How Much Are Probate Costs

Probate Probate costs a lot. When given the statistics, my clients are usually appalled that their estates going through the probate court system would cost so much. On average, the probate court system will eat up about 4-10% of an estate. Many states allow a standard 5% fee for an executor or administrator, but in […]

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