The Importance of Trust Funding

Many of our estate planning clients have chosen to use a Revocable Living Trust as a way to avoid probate of their estate as much as possible when they pass on.

Newest Book on Veteran’s Care Published

Jeff wrote the book to help protect veterans and their families from massive care-related bills and to avoid common traps by using the right strategies, with the right solutions at the right time.

Supporting the Community One Cup at a Time

Our office has recently started serving our clients coffee from City Cups in Raleigh.  Their single-serve OAK CITY coffee comes in recyclable pods and is entirely made by adults with autism and other developmental disabilities in our community. Bill Landahl, owner of Oak City Coffee Roasters, said the product’s bottom line is to provide this […]

What Do You Mean You Have to Talk to My Kids!?

As more and more of my clients’ children, or even grandchildren, are turning 18, certain legal obstacles are popping up. Nowhere is this more prevalent than with medical information.

Poll of the Week: What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Smarties, M&M’s and Reese’s pieces are just a few of the sweets that are counted among America’s favorites during Halloween time. In fact, Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy during this time each year. So what is your favorite Halloween treat?

Poll of the Week: Favorite Sneakers

Alex likes to express himself around the office through his fashionisto footwear. Pick your favorite. He’ll wear the pair that gets the most votes to work this Friday.