What Would You Name the Next Hurricane?

We can now say a happy goodbye to Hurricane Joaquin. But with hurricane season not over until November, chances are another one will pop up somewhere soon. What would you call the next hurricane?

Tell Us What You Think About Our Site

We have had our website up for a few months now. While we think it’s pretty darn good, there’s always room for improvement. If there’s more you would like to see, please let us know!

What Dwarf are You the Most Like?

We all have a bit of each of the Seven Dwarfs’ personalities. Which one do you think you most relate to? Check out our staff’s picks and how they fared on the quiz. You may be surprised!

Who is Monty Named After?

We are often asked about Monty’s unusual name. Is it short for Montgomery or Montezuma? Is he named after anyone or anything in particular? Well, he is, in fact, named after a particular movie character/TV personality. Can you guess who?

What is Your Spirit Animal?

We often joke that our cat, Monty, is more dog than a cat. It got the staff talking about what animal each of us thought we were, which leads to the Poll of the Week: What is your spirit animal?

Who Would You Choose to Speak at Commencement?

Now is the time of the year when noted speakers are imparting their words of wisdom to young and impressionable youth from high schools across the country. This leads us to ask if you were graduating, who would you pick to speak?

What is Your All-Time Favorite TV Show?

With the season finale of Mad Men airing last month, the series takes its place among a long list of iconic TV shows. This leads us to ask: What is Your All-Time Favorite Television Show?   Loading…

Choose Your Favorite Duck

We held a coloring contest at a recent fundraiser we sponsored as part of our “Have Your Ducks in a Row” mantra. Please choose your favorite. You may vote more than once. The winner will receive a gift certificate to Amazon.com. The contest was part of a fundraising event we sponsored for the Bryce Martin […]

Poll of the Week: Who is your favorite TV mom?

Sunday is Mother’s Day. In honor of mothers of all kinds — patient, funny, irreverent, quirky and no-nonsense — we decided to ask you this week to choose TV’s best mother. Loading…

Poll of the Week: What is your favorite Jolly Rancher?

We observed something interesting in the office. Whenever Kathy goes to refill the Jolly Rancher candy jar, there is an overabundance of the blues. It seems that blue raspberry is not a favorite among our staff and clients. We thought it would be a good idea to poll everyone to see what flavors you do […]