222 Must-Have Provisions Lecture a Success

One of the best national estate planning conferences I attend every year is The Estate Plan’s Advanced Institute, and this year the topic I was presenting was a difficult one. I had the honor of handling the lead-off spot at 9 am PST on a Monday morning, and I was reviewing the 222 provisions contained in a good married couple’s revocable living trust. To be honest, I was envisioning myself standing in front of a crowd of sleeping attorneys, advisors and accountants and reading from a trust like I was reading from a dictionary.

Triad Pride

On September 15, 2012, the Human Rights Campaign worked at Triad Pride in Greensboro where the event was even larger and better than last year. At a time when most people would think that members of the LGBT community and their allies in North Carolina would still be nursing their wounds from the Amendment One fight, people flooded the Pride event and actively sought information on equal rights, health care, and finding ways to help elect pro-equality candidates in November.

Circle K Volunteers at Boys and Girls Home

The North Carolina State chapter of Circle K International joined with their fellow Circle K members from other clubs in the Carolinas and descended on the Boys and Girls Home at Lake Waccamaw for a day of service. On Friday, September 9, 2012, the students arrived at the Ambassador Camp for a service project briefing and some team-building exercises, and they were ready bright and early Saturday.

Circle K Haunted House a Success

On Friday, October 28, 2011, the students of NCSU’s Circle K pulled off another successful haunted house at the Girls Club of Raleigh on N. Raleigh Boulevard. The Girls Club serves as an after school program for boys and girls, and for more than a decade it has provided an alternative to traditional Halloween trick or treating in the area, so parts which some may consider unsafe. This year, more than a hundred children and parents were able to enjoy the Halloween party and go through Circle K’s haunted house.