Medicaid Whoopsies vol. 1

Medicaid Whoopsies, Follow The Plan

Medicaid Planning When it comes to Medicaid Planning, there are tons of loopholes that can help a family preserve a lot of assets and have a loved one still qualify for nursing home Medicaid. On the other hand, this also means there are a lot of opportunities for people to “go rogue” and make mistakes […]

The Advanced Institute is Back

My Presentation Was On Medicaid Planning. The Estate Planning Source, an organization I have been affiliated with for many years, has undergone some challenges lately in addition to the COVID issues facing every other business. With the purchase of the business finalized in May by long-time employee Bobbie Setser, the organization is holding its first […]

Three Sneaky Ways The Government Makes Itself Your Beneficiary


Government Programs When it comes to special government programs, what on the surface appears to be a good deal may not really be to your advantage or especially to your estate beneficiaries. Unfortunately, chances are that you are already invested in once these “deals.” That is unless you know all of the rules and you […]

The High Cost of a “Free” Medicaid Plan

Free Medicaid Plan

There are so many myths, folk remedies, and outright falsehoods surrounding Medicaid qualification for nursing home care that it becomes impossible to list them all. Unfortunately, it becomes easy for people to look online for the simple answers they want to hear rather than  researching and understanding a much more complicated truth. And going to […]

Government Long Term Care Insurance?

Long Term Care Insurance

Do I need long term care insurance? The cost of long term care is ever-rising. For 2021, The Genworth Annual Cost of Care Survey pinned the national average cost of a private room in a skilled nursing facility at $9,034. Even worse, the same study projects the same room and care will average $12,141 ten […]

Medicaid DOES Care if you Gift $16,000

Medicaid Gifting

[Below is a reprint of a previously published article, but the situation keeps coming up, especially when it comes to Medicaid qualification for seniors. While gifting can be part of an overall Medicaid Planning strategy, there are specific consequences that need to be planned and timed properly. There is NOT a free $16,000 a year […]

Managing Assets in a Family Irrevocable Trust

Raleigh Irrevocable Trust

Medicaid Planning is one of the most complicated areas of law and finances, and things have to be done exactly right to take advantage of the loopholes found in the 200,000+ rules and regulations. However, making the plan work doesn’t end with the transfer of assets into the trust. Often human nature and the hustle […]

What are the Different Levels of Care Assistance at Home?

Jeff spoke with Anne Browning of Homewatch CareGivers about the different levels of care assistance available to those who need assistance in the home. They also discuss what you need to know BEFORE letting a caregiver into your home.

Should I Just Sign Over My House to My Kids to Qualify for Medicaid?

The answer is Maybe. It’s got to be part of a coordinated plan that takes everything into account, not just the house. Last-minute gifting like that can have serious consequences I often see as what I refer to as “Nursing Home Cost Panic.” Suddenly, a family member needs nursing home care that is going to […]