Healthcare Power of Attorney May Be The Most Critical Planning Document

Do you know who will make healthcare decisions for you during a crisis? More importantly, will the hospital listen to them? Without the right legal documents, they may not. And with the current climate in North Carolina post Amendment One, no medical personnel are going to listen to a partner without the right documents in place.

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Mr. Marsocci Speaks to NC Division on Aging About LGBT Planning Issues

Last week Jeffrey G. Marsocci spoke to the NC Division on Aging about LGBT life and estate planning issues in North Carolina. Even (or maybe especially) in the wake of Amendment One, partners need to have the right documents and the right kind of plans in place in the event of an emergency. Since the audience was generally comprised of social workers from different parts of the state, there were some areas where LGBT couples and individuals are drastically under-served by local attorneys in this area and social workers are often the main source of information on these issues for their clients.

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What’s Next?

What’s Next? I want to first thank everyone who worked so hard to defeat Amendment One. While we came up short in results, we certainly didn’t fall short in results, we certainly didn’t fall short in strategy or effort. Protect All NC Families did an amazing job, and I know The Human Rights Campaign was proud to be a part of the coalition.

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Amendment One: A Defeat for North Carolina

We lost. Not just Protect All NC Families. Not just the Human Rights Campaign. Not even just domestic partners and the LGBT community, but the entire state of North Carolina. Businesses will think twice before moving here, or they may take a harder look at offers from other states to relocate. Domestic violence statutes will be thrown into chaos for years. And municipalities wishing to continue to provide partner benefits will no doubt have to defend lawsuits from people who don’t want “their tax dollars” going to “those people.” Worst of all, North Carolina will now be joined in solidarity with other Deep South national reputations for being backwards and bigoted places to live. Twenty years from now when children start growing up in a reality of national gay marriage, they will look back at the people of North Carolina like they do now when talking about racist hold outs in the 1960s demanding to keep separate water fountains and bathrooms for blacks and whites and enforcing bans on interracial marriage.

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HRC Event Highlights Accomplishments, Struggles Ahead

On January 15, 2012, the Triangle branch of the North Carolina Steering Committee of the Human Rights Campaign held a wine and dessert meeting in appreciation of its existing Federal Club members. Held at the LGBT Center of Raleigh, the function allowed Federal Club-level donors a unique opportunity to get an update on happenings with HRC, the progress made in opposition to Amendment One, and to hear more about the Gala Dinner from committee members from Charlotte. In addition to hearing about opposition to the Amendment, there was an opportunity to hear about the steps HRC had already taken to oppose the anti-marriage amendment set to be voted upon on May 8, 2012.

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The Domestic Partner Planning Guide Can Save Thousands of Dollars

The Domestic Partner Planning Guide, a comprehensive collection of resources and educational materials, is now available nationwide at Attorney, author, and national trust planning consultant Jeffrey G. Marsocci created the guide as an e-book and series of more than 12 hours of audio interviews and presentations made available online.

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Internships Announced

In fighting the anti-marriage amendment, the Human Rights Campaign has called upon Mr. Marsocci’s past political experience in appointing him to the advisory board of Protect NC Families and assigning him the duty to help recruit volunteers for the fight in the Triangle area. To assist with this and other HRC duties, he is announcing three internship opportunities. Starting immediately, he will be accepting resumes for a Federal Club intern as well as two political internship positions going through the May 8, 2012 election.

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Law Office Announces 6 Federal Club Discounted Plans for 2012

With the upcoming amendment fight, The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci, PLLC is trying to help boost and replenish the Human Rights Campaign’s finances. With HRC’s recently announced $100,000 donation commitment to Protect NC Families to fight the anti-marriage amendment, on top of the $100,000 it gave to Equality NC for its lobbying efforts, Mr. Marsocci is trying to combine his office’s focus on domestic partner life and estate planning with HRC’s Federal Club Program. The Human Rights Campaign provides special recognition to donors who commit to donating $1,200 per year or more through the Federal Club Program.

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