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Demands for Equal Treatment

An Open Letter to Jeff’s Clients: It has recently come to our attention that Ginsburg and Brandeis, the so-called “office frogs,” have been getting undue attention in the law office’s newsletters, Facebook pages, and other media. While we tolerated this for may weeks, the constant barrage of frog cuteness has become intolerable. After all, we were here first, and cats are far superior pets compared to frogs.

Birthday Reflections

Each birthday brings a lot of thinking to the forefront. What has been accomplished in the last year, what has come into your life, and where are things going. Honestly, I was having some trouble trying to put ideas to paper until I stopped thinking about business and started thinking about things outside of business. So in no particular order, here are the three things I thought about:

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Family Meetings Come of Age

As older members of the Baby Boom generation were reaching adulthood, I spent many an hour watching the bevy of TV shows that were focused on the ways that the American family was evolving in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The fact that I was especially drawn to these shows could have been the first sign that I was destined to pursue a career working with this fascinating subject matter. The Brady Bunch was particularly intriguing and introduced me to something that I now spend much of my professional life planning and running: that is, the family meeting. Even to my young eyes, the way that Mike and Carol Brady pulled together all members of their blended family to discuss difficult issues seemed like a very healthy way to work together. Several decades later, I’m now pleased to see that awareness of the usefulness of family meetings has taken hold across the private wealth management field. As family meetings grow in popularity, it’s a good time to reflect on what they can and can’t do for a family and how an advisor can help make them effective.