Car “Accident” Leads to STD Case

STD Case

Car “Accident” Leads to STD Case and $5.2 Million Bill to Car Insurance Company The media loves a sensationalized story, especially one that gets people angry enough to share and comment on social media. When a woman won $5.2 million from car insurance company GEICO because she contracted an STD in the backseat of one […]

DIY Trust Disaster Waiting To Happen

DIY Trust Disaster

I occasionally go on Reddit and respond to posts in the r/estateplanning section. This time, it was to help warn someone about trying to do their own trust by getting a form online. Unfortunately, they didn’t know what they didn’t know, and despite the pleas of commentators suggesting that they get a lawyer, they took […]

The Kate Moss Moment

Kate Moss Moment

It’s spreading across the Internet that Amber Heard “blew it” when she had her Kate Moss moment, and it really boosted Johnny Depp’s case. But why? In this video, I review this critical moment and what it actually means. The Trial If you have been following the trial at all there is a lot of […]

Plain English Attorney Adding More Diverse Content

More Specific Content Coming Soon

More Content As technology improves and my video skills have quickened, it’s becoming easier to produce more content to post on YouTube and social media posts on a regular basis without eating up much more time. In addition, there are only so many videos and posts that can be focused on the same or similar […]

DIY Fixes Can Destroy an Estate Plan

DIY estate plan

DIY Estate Plan There are many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects that can help save money without any significant downsides. Unfortunately, when you are not an attorney, drafting your own legal documents can lead to disastrous results. Here are some problem areas I have regrettably seen: A Last Will and Testament has some typical, standard language that […]

This Is A Deed Scam

Real and Fake Envelopes

[Below is a reprint of a previously published article, but the situation keeps coming up. Considering my clients keep getting what they think are bills, it’s worth periodically sending this out.] Unfortunately, this is now happening on a consistent basis. Some of our clients are being targeted in a deed scam. I’m not talking about […]

Dangerous Gifts

Money Gifts for Higher Education Graduation

The Top Three Choices For Gifts Sometimes, getting a pile of money can do more harm than good. The younger a gift recipient is, the greater the risk the money is wasted, or, even worse, the money is spent on drugs or to facilitate bad life choices. Unfortunately, the top three gifting options people choose for […]

Attorney Earns CMP™ Designation

The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci, PLLC is pleased to announce that Mr. Marsocci has earned the Certified Medicaid Planner™ designation in order to better serve his clients and their families in preparing for or dealing with a long term health care crisis. A Certified Medicaid Planner™, also known as a CMP™, is a […]

Address Autism and AD(H)D Naturally

The following was written by Dr. Loan Huynh of Optimal Wellness Chiropractic Center in Raleigh. When I was younger, I don’t remember hearing about autism or AD(H)D or having classmates that were diagnosed with these behavioral disorders.  Unfortunately, times have changed and Autism and AD(H)D are becoming common household names.  According to the CDC, Autism […]

Do Medicare Supplements Pay for Long-Term Nursing Home Care?

No, they don’t… Not really.   Medicare Misconceptions There are a lot of misconceptions around this whole area of Medicare, because Medicare supplements cover some things, but not as much as people think.   What Supplements Cover Medicare supplements will take care of certain deductibles and copays that Medicare doesn’t cover. Supplements provide coverage when […]