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Just the FAQs, Ma’am (Vol. 1)

Just the FAQs, Ma'am (Vol. 1) Living Trust vs Will

FAQs to Basic Estate Planning Questions Living Trust As part of getting back to basics for people searching for basic estate planning answers, I’m going to cover some basic questions that come from Henry W. Abts III’s book The Living Trust in Appendix G. While the questions are coming from the book, the answers are […]

Howard Hughes Estate Settled… After 34 Years

Howard Hughes Estate Probate Debacle

The Howard Hughes Estate The impossible has happened. No, the federal government hasn’t done away with all death taxes. No, ice cream is not free. No, it’s more astounding than that. Howard Hughes, who died in 1976, will finally have his estate settled and closed. And it only took 34 years! Howard Hughes, the eccentric […]

Why Prenups Blow Up: Seven Ways Premarital Agreements Fail

Prenup Agreements - Why They Blow-Up

Prenups “Prenups don’t work!” the YouTuber practically screamed into the microphone, lamenting the downfall of men everywhere whose fortunes were being stolen from their gold-digging exes. [Insert eyeroll here.] “A man works for years, decides to marry a woman, and insists on a prenup. They sign one, and then she leaves taking half his stuff […]

Car “Accident” Leads to STD Case

STD Case

Car “Accident” Leads to STD Case and $5.2 Million Bill to Car Insurance Company The media loves a sensationalized story, especially one that gets people angry enough to share and comment on social media. When a woman won $5.2 million from car insurance company GEICO because she contracted an STD in the backseat of one […]

DIY Trust Disaster Waiting To Happen

DIY Trust Disaster

I occasionally go on Reddit and respond to posts in the r/estateplanning section. This time, it was to help warn someone about trying to do their own trust by getting a form online. Unfortunately, they didn’t know what they didn’t know, and despite the pleas of commentators suggesting that they get a lawyer, they took […]

The Kate Moss Moment

Kate Moss Moment

It’s spreading across the Internet that Amber Heard “blew it” when she had her Kate Moss moment, and it really boosted Johnny Depp’s case. But why? In this video, I review this critical moment and what it actually means. The Trial If you have been following the trial at all there is a lot of […]

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