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“Never, Would I Ever…”

"Never, Would I Ever-written-with-Attorney holding up seven fingers in front of young adults playing a game

There are a lot of contingencies, pathways, and options that people fail to consider when creating their estate plan but sometimes do. “Never, Would I Ever…” Estate Planning When many people are thinking about estate planning for the first time, it is not exactly the most comfortable thing to think about. Because of that, there are […]

Level One Adulting Starter Pack: A Basic Estate Plan

A good “Estate Starter Pack” is to put in place the Big Five Documents of a basic estate plan; Last Will and Testament, Durable General Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Nomination of Conservator, and Living Will Level One Adulting Starter Pack: A Basic Estate Plan Many of our trust clients have children who are over eighteen, […]

Five Divorce Disasters; How to Avoid Getting Screwed in Divorce

5 Divorce Disasters -people sitting at table arguing - The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci

Have A “Divorce Firewall” Strategy “Five Divorce Disasters” is a review of common divorce disasters that can crush your estate plan and be avoided. A 50% divorce rate is an unfortunate statistic in our current society, and, unfortunately, many people fail to handle divorce properly resulting in a lot of unintended consequences. These negative results go far […]

Wealth Forever?!

Legacy Wealth Planning with Attorney in front of rich guy with expensive car and mansion in the background - By The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci

Legacy wealth planning; to do, or not to do?! This blog provides a checklist of goals that can tell you whether or not a Perpetual Legacy Plan is right for you. Creating and securing perpetual wealth for a family forever is possible, but it is not necessarily for everyone. Setting up the right trusts and […]

Estate Planning for Pets

estate planning for pets-with-White tiger in background behind Jeffrey G. Marsocci, Attorney.

A quick review of methods for estate planning for pets and also whether or not the Big Cat Public Safety Act allows you to inherit a tiger and ways to handle the transfer of pets in estate planning. When volunteering recently with my Civitan club at the Carolina Tiger Rescue, the question popped up on […]

“Don’t Frankenstein Your Trust” says Estate Planning Attorney in Raleigh, NC

Estate-planning-attorney-halloween-post-Green hand coming out of the grave with pumpkins by The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci

Estate Planning Attorney notes that DIY changes to a solid estate plan can often cause unintended consequences or even revoke your entire plan.  “It’s alive!” Dr. Frankenstein exclaimed, watching his creation come to life. His monstrous creation cobbled together cadaver parts, ran electricity through the entire body, and came to life. This does NOT work […]

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