Can You Use Out of State Protective Trusts?

Protective Trusts - Can you use out of state protective trusts

Protective Trusts There is an extremely effective asset protection trust where you can place your assets into a trust, be the beneficiary of that trust, and secure those assets from divorce, lawsuits, and creditors. Unfortunately, it is not available in most states, including North Carolina. Those states do not allow you to set up a […]

DIY Estate Planning

DIY Estate Planning - No Logic Required

No Logic Required I frequently review questions and answers on Reddit for Estate Planning. Many times, there are legitimate questions from people as well as good advice provided. However, I’m frequently reminded that there are a lot of people online who are seeking the answer they want to hear rather than the truth such as […]

The Ten Medicaid Planning Myths You Need to Know

10 Medicaid Planning Myths

It has been some time since I’ve covered Medicaid Myths in this blog, and some of these myths can be deadly to qualifying for Medicaid if followed through. Rather than start a list from scratch, I went straight to the source in my own book The Long-Term Care Solution. Here is an excerpt from Chapter […]

Seven Living Trust Mistakes

Living Trust - 7 Trust Mistakes

Revocable Living Trust A revocable living trust can be a great estate planning vehicle that keeps your assets out of probate and minimizes settlement costs. However, there are (at least) seven big mistakes that I have seen when it comes to putting together a revocable living trust. While other attorneys may have different opinions on […]