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Three Asset Protection Perspectives

3 asset protection perspectives by The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci

The first protection perspective is ensuring an inheritance for the next generation. The second perspective is the same inheritance setup but incorporating a shield for personal or couple’s assets. And the third perspective is securing your own assets from lawsuit potentials and a possible divorce.  Since I founded my law practice, I have consistently wanted […]

Is Your Beneficiary Protected From Themselves?

Small child & dad - beneficiary protected - The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci

Beneficiary Protection Your beneficiaries are legally adults at age 18, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are responsible enough to handle an inheritance. If you don’t do an estate plan with a Will or Revocable Living Trust that incorporates age limits (beneficiary protection), the usual default under the law is 18. This is a story […]

Breaking Down Asset Protection

Asset Protection - Breaking Down

Protecting Assets Good asset protection planning isn’t as complicated as it may seem. If thought about the right way, it can actually be pretty simple to follow. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand you can waive over a pile of assets and it is instantly protected from lawsuits, divorcing spouses, the elements, and acts of […]

You’ve Won The Lottery, What’s Next?

Metal case full of dollar bills - winnings

When someone wins a major lottery prize in North Carolina, life is about to change dramatically, and not always for the better. While a windfall of millions is a dream many have, there are some pretty extreme steps people have to take to maintain even a minor semblance of an ordinary life. And if you […]

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