Plain English Information in a Digital Community

Information on estate planning is scarce, at least in a thorough but easy to understand way. It also is impractical to provide this information one-on-one. That is one of the motivations behind creating informational courses on estate planning, Medicaid planning, and other courses under myJeffrey Marsocci Doing Live Webinar publishing company. As a side benefit, the web-based system we use also allows for webinars to provide additional information and digital communities to ask questions and get feedback. While we won’t be providing specific legal advice through this system (which would be limited to legal clients in North Carolina), we can provide ongoing general information on these topics to the public across the U.S. Right now, the following courses are available on an annual or monthly subscription to “The Plain English Attorney Series Package”:

In Addition to the Courses

The package also includes access to the community where we will be posting content ahead of releases to the general public and allow for conversations as well as exclusive webinars several times a year for subscribers only. More courses are scheduled for production in 2022, and they will be added to the package. For more information, check it out at

Peace of Mind Plan clients with our law firm already have access to this as part of their plan, but anyone can purchase access to be part of this digital community for an annual or monthly subscription fee.