Building a Community Of Like-Minded Individuals

As many of you know from the article and video last month, our office was happy to welcome Janelle Scoggins to the team as our Client Services Director. Now that she is more than a month into her role, our office and communication goals have been refocused on our core principles of explaining things in plain English, generating educational materials to support planning ahead, and, most of all, work with clients who want to be proactive planners rather than reactive responders. It is with this last point that Janelle is helping us build a community of like-minded individuals who want to avoid problems for their family, get plain English answers to questions, and develop a base of educational materials toJeff Marsocci Building a Community draw from 24/7.

In the next several months, we plan to have the following in place:

  • A second monthly exclusive community where people can subscribe and join a private livestream to discuss planning and other topics in a more informal environment. This would not be available to outside professionals without approval specifically so individuals can freely get advice on working with these professionals without worrying they may be “in the room.”
  • A third monthly live video exclusively for legal, financial, accounting, and other professionals to discuss ways to develop business, create client-friendly processes, and better serve their clients by keeping things simple.

In addition to these live events each month, over the rest of the year we plan to develop several online courses on topics like trust funding, basic Medicaid planning, and basic estate planning. These courses would be available for an annual charge, but they would be accessible online at any time and potentially help save a lot of money by addressing questions without having to set an appointment with an attorney. For example, our office often gets questions about filling out change of beneficiary forms on accounts to make it work with the revocable living trust and the overall estate plan. Instead of having to book billable attorney time to discuss the issue, there is a very good chance the questions would be answered through the online Trust Funding Course at a much lower cost.

Here is where we need your help, but it is a very simple thing. Please go to our YouTube channel at and click the subscribe button. Once we reach 1,000 subscribers, YouTube allows us to also make “posts” so we can keep people informed of when the livestreams will be happening as well as highlight events and particularly important videos. If you want to also be individually kept informed of when new videos are uploaded, please click on the bell next to the subscribe button.

A large majority of people simply go through life reacting to bad events instead of planning ahead to make things easier for them and their loved ones. We invite you to join our community of planners so you can better stay safe, plan ahead, and enjoy life.