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The Medicaid Squeeze Can Be Reversed

[Please note that this is a frequent “reprint” article for our office. We intentionally re-release important information to our clients through the newsletter because the issue tends to come up. If you have any questions on this information about your own plan, then please schedule an appointment with the law office at 919-844-7993.] The intricate maze of Medicaid Planning [...]

Revocable Versus Irrevocable Trusts

A question I get frequently from estate planning clients, more out curiosity than anything, is what is the difference between revocable and irrevocable trusts? I say its out of curiosity mainly because the question comes from clients who have already read my book Estate Planning Basics, they have already decided on using a revocable living trust for their plans, [...]

I Can’t Believe He’s Eighteen

On a recent trip to the Northeast, we stopped by our friend’s house for a few days in Pennsylvania. Their son Ewan, who before COVID had come to North Carolina to visit each Summer after school was out, had just turned eighteen. Worse, he was heading off to college. There’s something about friends’ children heading off to college to [...]

Reverse Mortgage and Credit Line Landmines

[Below is a reprint of a previously published article, but the situation keeps coming up, especially with the real estate market making wild changes. While a reverse mortgage and line of credit can provide a temporary, short-term solution to a financial crunch, it could cause you and your family to lose much more should long term care be needed [...]

Three Types of Special Needs Trusts

While there are certainly permutations and small differences, there are three basic special needs trusts that we work with in the law office. Before getting into those, let me eliminate one option that is used far too often; using a testamentary trust in a Last Will and Testament. When a trust is set up through a Will, it is [...]

Videos Enhance Planning Education

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Summer! While Kathy and I have managed to get to a few nice locations to enjoy the good weather and places reopening, I have also managed to record videos on important topics related to estate and Medicaid planning. What has made the process extremely easy is being able to use a GoPro [...]

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