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The Importance of Trust Funding For Your Estate

[Please note that this is a frequent “reprint” article for our office. We intentionally re-release this important information every six months to our clients through the newsletter and blog to emphasize how critical asset titling and beneficiary designation selection is to making sure a revocable living trust plan is properly maintained. If you have any questions on this information [...]

Is the Government Your Main Beneficiary?

The two biggest assets most people have are their home and retirement accounts. Unfortunately, this often means that poor (or no) estate and financial planning can lead to the government being your main beneficiary, and your children end up just getting the leftovers. When people fail to optimize their estate and financial planning choices, they lose the opportunity to [...]

A Grand Slam or a Suicide Squeeze Play?

Recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control has eliminated the need for masks for people who are fully vaccinated, meaning they have had both shots (or the single Johnson & Johnson shot) more than two weeks before. I was also happy to see the mask restrictions rapidly change at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park from everyone has to [...]

Placing Real Estate In Jeopardy

[From time to time, it’s good to readdress important topics and so we will rerun past articles. With the real estate market heating up, it was time to bring back an article on reasons not to gift property to your children.] Gifting With the rising cost of long-term care, families are starting to look more and more at planning [...]

When In-Law Become Outlaws

Revocable Living Trusts Things change. My clients want what’s best for their families, but sometimes a child ends up in a shaky marriage. Unfortunately, they may be blind to what their parents’ more experienced, objective eyes may see. And now, my clients just know that if they left their child an inheritance that the spouse would find a way [...]

Building a Community

Building a Community Of Like-Minded Individuals As many of you know from the article and video last month, our office was happy to welcome Janelle Scoggins to the team as our Client Services Director. Now that she is more than a month into her role, our office and communication goals have been refocused on our core principles of explaining [...]

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