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Medicaid DOES Care if you Gift $15,000

[PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A REPRINT. BECAUSE THIS SUBJECT IS SO CRITICAL TO OUR CLIENTS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC, WE WANT TO MAKE SURE THIS INFORMATION REMAINS TOP OF MIND.] It’s an extremely common mistake made by families trying to handle Care Assistance Planning on their own. Mom was diagnosed with dementia, in a few years she will need [...]

Estate Planning…Keep It Super Simple!

Estate Planning Estate Planning can be a complicated area of law to navigate if you don’t do it every day, but it shouldn’t be overly complicated on your part. This becomes important all of the time but especially this time of year when people are trying to check “estate planning” off their list of New Year’s resolutions. To keep [...]

2021, The Year of Reboot

Last year, I wrote that 2020 was supposed to be the year of clear vision. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic laid waste to those plans and put the entire world into a holding pattern. Instead, we had huge amounts of people infected, wildfires galore, nationwide protests, and even “murder hornets.” Now that there is a vaccine in the process of [...]

Reminder of The Importance of Trust Funding

[Please note that this is a frequent “reprint” article for our office. We intentionally re-release this important information every six months to our clients through the newsletter and blog to emphasize how critical asset titling and beneficiary designation selection is to making sure a revocable living trust plan is properly maintained. If you have any questions on this information [...]

When Belief Conflicts with Reality and The Law

As I’m writing this on November 16, 2020, the 2020 presidential election is over, and the various states are going through the election certification process as well as a few recounts. Democratic challenger Joe Biden has a lead of more than 5.5 million votes nationwide and an electoral college vote lead of 306 to 232 over incumbent President Donald [...]

New Media for a New Year

Last September marked twenty-five years since I became a licensed attorney. In that time, the vast majority of my practice has been focused on estate planning, and in recent years I have been producing useful videos and other media to provide simple answers to complex legal questions. This is how I became known as The Plain English Attorney™, and [...]

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