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Placing Real Estate In Jeopardy

[From time to time, it’s good to readdress important topics and so we will rerun past articles. With the real estate market heating up, it was time to bring back an article on reasons not to gift property to your children.] Gifting With the rising [...]

When In-Law Become Outlaws

Revocable Living Trusts Things change. My clients want what’s best for their families, but sometimes a child ends up in a shaky marriage. Unfortunately, they may be blind to what their parents’ more experienced, objective eyes may see. And now, my clients just know that [...]

Building a Community

Building a Community Of Like-Minded Individuals As many of you know from the article and video last month, our office was happy to welcome Janelle Scoggins to the team as our Client Services Director. Now that she is more than a month into her role, [...]

Probate Roundtable Discussion

Taking an estate through probate can be one of the most expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating experiences someone can go through. While a large part of my legal practice is focused on estate planning that avoids probate, sometimes there is just no choice. To help answer [...]

Worse Than Probate?

Can using a trust actually be worse than probate? When it comes to a specific type of special needs trust, it just might. I've had clients ask me about the "D4A" Special Needs Trust, and they've read articles or heard from friends how it's the [...]

Welcome to the Team, Janelle!

The Law Office has a new team member? And no, we’re not talking about a new cat, frog, or stuffed gorilla. Janelle Scoggins has recently come on board as our Client Services Manager after Felicia Watlington left to pursue the growth of her own business. [...]

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