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Security Against the SECURE Act; Webinar Invitation

Something many financial professionals agree on is the SECURE Act is one of the worst pieces of tax legislation in recent memory. While income taxes on seniors withdrawing money from their retirement accounts represents an ever-increasing revenue base for the government, the problem escalates as [...]

Special Peace of Mind Estate Plan Offer

In recent weeks, we have come across people without any form of estate plan express concern that they have nothing in place should disaster strike. And with COVID-19 impacting so many families, people are seeing those disasters happen to others. At the same [...]

Refinancing a House in Trust

We frequently get questions about whether a house inside a revocable living trust can be refinanced. Legal answer? Yes. Practical answer? It depends, and you often get conflicting answers. Mortgage companies have their own internal rules, and the people who work for those [...]

Six Things Every Estate Planner Should Know About Medicaid Planning

There comes a time in every estate planner’s career when their clients come to them about protecting a lifetime of savings from the nursing home, whether the long term care is for them or their parents. With those first clients and the others to come, [...]

A Tale of Two Estates: Michael Jackson v. Anna Nicole Smith

Not all celebrity estates are the same, despite how the 24-hour news media portrays things. Going back several years, the contrast between the estates of the Playboy model and reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, couldn’t be starker. [...]