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NFTs and Revocable Living Trusts

One of the hot new investment trends is NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens. Because it is so new, questions come up about how this investment is funded into a revocable living trust. In this video, I run through the basics of NFTs and how they need [...]

EINs and Trusts

Do I Need a Tax ID Number? This question keeps coming up... "Does a trust need a separate taxpayer identification number?" It depends. In general... * Revocable Living Trusts do not need an EIN/Taxpayer ID if the Trustor(s) are still alive: As long as that person [...]

The Kate Moss Moment

It’s spreading across the Internet that Amber Heard “blew it” when she had her Kate Moss moment, and it really boosted Johnny Depp’s case. But why? In this video, I review this critical moment and what it actually means. The Trial If you have been [...]

The Importance of Trust Funding For Your Estate

[Please note that this is a frequent “reprint” article for our office. We intentionally re-release this important information every six months to our clients through the newsletter and blog to emphasize how critical asset titling and beneficiary designation selection is to make sure a revocable [...]

Plain English Attorney Adding More Diverse Content

More Content As technology improves and my video skills have quickened, it’s becoming easier to produce more content to post on YouTube and social media posts on a regular basis without eating up much more time. In addition, there are only so many videos and [...]

Three Sneaky Ways The Government Makes Itself Your Beneficiary

Government Programs When it comes to special government programs, what on the surface appears to be a good deal may not really be to your advantage or especially to your estate beneficiaries. Unfortunately, chances are that you are already invested in once these “deals.” That [...]

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