We recently conducted our first live webinar, and, in all honesty, it was a blast. It was a lot of hard work by both Janelle and me, but it was wellJeffrey Marsocci Doing Live Webinar worth it. There was something very satisfying about being able to speak on a topic to many people at once, provide them valuable information, and at the same time we didn’t have to drag people from their comfortable homes to do it. This got me thinking about some of the things our office is putting together in the new year, and how they really are focusing on building a community around our clients. Here’s what’s on tap for 2022:

  • My Life Wishes: Our office will be starting January 1, 2022 offering a secure, online organization and document storage system to help our clients keep not just their legal documents but financial and other vital information in one place. This is sort of a virtual “Big Blue Binder” our trust clients get when they set up their revocable living trust plans, but now they will have the ability to access this information at any time without having to carry their binder with them.
  • Live Plain English Attorney™ Broadcasts: Technically, last month was a live webinar with an extremely well-orchestrated power point and information presentation, and we intend to offer these several times a year to the general public. However, we also will be offering less formal, more interactive, exclusive live broadcasts on an almost monthly basis.
  • Course Package: As technology expands, I have taken advantage of creating paid courses revolving around estate planning, trust funding, and VA Pension Benefit basics with a few other programs to be added in 2022, including one on long term care Medicaid planning. This package of courses will collectively be available in one place, and new courses will be added as they are developed.

All of these items will be combined and merged with our Peace of Mind program for our revocable living trust planning clients, and it will also include the same benefits in the package before such as 1) one free update of documents each year as needed (printing fees for clients through The Estate Planning Source still apply), 2) free phone appointments for specific questions, 3) free North Carolina quitclaim deeds for your trust (only filing fees charged), and 4) one free Annual Review Meeting per year in the office or via Zoom. The package will also include the My Life Wishes plan, invitations to the Live Plain English Attorney™ Broadcasts, and The Plain English Attorney™ Series Package of courses. (The Plain English Attorney™ Series Package of courses and the Live Broadcasts will be available as a separate package, but not the My Life Wishes account and other Peace of Mind Plan benefits.)

Starting midnight on February 1, 2022, the cost for the Peace of Mind Plan will be going up to account for the new services to $750 per year. However, existing Peace of Mind Plan clients will get the added benefits through the end of their agreement period free of charge. In addition, any existing revocable living trust clients can sign up for the Peace of Mind Plan starting January 1, 2022 for $650 and save $100 off the cost increase. For more information on the Peace of Mind Plan, please contact Janelle at [email protected]