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Note from Mr. Marsocci: While our primary focuses are Estate and Medicaid Planning, we also have a lot of business owners are clients, and we felt this article might be of relevance to them.

Written by: Nikki Bolyard for American Frontier LLC

When your IT network only works part-time, your full-time salaried employees produce half the work. Ouch! Yet, when your IT network is really humming, it enables your employees to deliver results. It’s not rocket science…it’s reality. Fortunately, there is a cost-effective way to get a dependable IT network AND grow your business. Check it out…

Technology is so infused in our businesses that IT network reliability ranks right up there with basic electricity. From marketing and sales to accounting and administration, nearly every employee of a company relies on their devices to deliver email, files, and office applications. Used effectively, a small business can match or even beat its larger competitors. Savvy executives leverage their limited resources to ensure their IT investment is running at full capacity at all times. Outsourcing IT management to an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be that leverage. Here are 3 reasons why:

  • Reduce Costs & Gain Control

Training and maintaining in-house IT staff is costly.  At a minimum, annual labor costs for a full-time IT help desk professional is about $50,000 excluding benefits. That amount doesn’t account for the expensive indirect cost of tools needed to actually do the job like, security and management software, backup programs, network monitoring software. On the other hand, outsourcing all or part of IT management to a qualified MSP spreads the cost of best-in-class tools over multiple clients (think economies of scale), so individual clients pay less. Additionally, MSPs only charge for the service they provide, at a predictable rate, which is a fraction of what it would take to build an IT department internally. Outsourcing results in greater financial control as it converts over/underutilized fixed operating costs into a predictable variable expense. IT costs are lower and can comfortably fluctuate with the business while executives can redirect excess capital toward revenue generating initiatives.

Ordinarily, an in-house IT professional is underutilized when business is slow. Conversely, when business is booming, the company suffers from a burnt-out IT employee or the risk of resignation. Large IT departments can accommodate vacations and turnover with little impact, but small companies bear additional risk with a single individual or small group who holds the keys to a company’s critical infrastructure. Outsourcing all or part of the IT function provides a balance and guarantees a backstop if there are gaps since MSPs are bound to perform under contractual agreements.

  • Consistent & Dependable…Stress Free & Focused

In the simplest form, a company’s IT infrastructure is just another tool for the business. Most employees don’t really care how it works, they just expect it to work. It’s like flipping a light switch. When you flip the switch, you rarely think about how or if it will work, you just expect the light to turn on. In the near term, recurring IT issues distract employees, lower productivity, and increase frustrations. If issues are left unmanaged, the long-term effects are missed deadlines and sales targets, heightened exposure to cyber threats, and significant business interruption. If you want to avoid a mob of angry employees at your desk telling you that the network, internet, or email is down again, then provide a consistent and dependable IT platform. A qualified MSP dedicates its time and energy to reducing risk and ensuring your network’s up-time, allowing your employees to deliver results instead of excuses. You will know your decision to outsource is working when you stop worrying about the IT network and start thinking about growth strategies instead.

  • Expand Resources & Maximize Human Capital

The poor and unfortunate soul in the office who can get the printer working again is unwittingly dubbed “the IT expert.” A dedicated IT person is assigned several additional jobs because the company doesn’t see the value of a full-time IT professional. Sound familiar? In either case, the IT needs of the company remain underserved and executives have a half-committed employee doing their “real” job. Companies that outsource, not only gain 24/7 monitoring and fully qualified technicians, they also gain access to preferred pricing and higher quality products through the expanded relationships of the MSP. Distributing the IT workload to an outsourced professional permits your employees to concentrate on achieving goals and hitting deadlines instead of being distracted by upgrading and managing IT infrastructure. Appropriately done, outsourcing IT management maximizes employee investment and positions a company’s resources for growth.

Just like manufacturing equipment, fleet vehicles, or surgical tools, IT networks need specialized monitoring, maintenance, and management. An outsourced MSP reduces costs and increases stability while maximizing resources and employee productivity. American Frontier prides itself on being an IT business partner by pairing thoughtful business insight with deep IT experience. We help our clients work through the tough decisions. Don’t worry, we don’t like to be “sold” any more than you do. So, email or call us today for a no cost “sales-free” network evaluation.

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