Last year, I wrote that 2020 was supposed to be the year of clear vision. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic laid waste to those plans and put the entire world into a holding pattern. Instead, we had huge amounts of people infected, wildfires galore, nationwide protests, and even “murder hornets.” Now that there is a vaccine in the process of being distributed, my hope is that 2021 can get the office “rebooted” and back even better than ever. Here are the top three things we’ll be focusing on…

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More Plain English Attorney™ Media.

One of the most gracious comments our clients give us is our ability to explain estate and Medicaid planning concepts in plain English through a thoughtful and deliberate process. One of the best ways we have been able to reinforce client understanding is through short but helpful media along the way, as well as regular newsletters and YouTube videos on short subjects. In addition, I plan to release an Estate Planning Crash Course video series soon in the coming year so that the general public, and even other estate planners, can review estate planning concepts so that they are well-grounded in the basics before working on their specific goals and strategies.

Collaborative Services.

In the coming year, I plan to refocus the law office’s core services back to estate planning and Medicaid planning while collaborating with other professionals on related services. When it comes to life insurance, annuities, Medicare supplements, and out-of-state estate and Medicaid consulting, we will continue to work through The Care Assistance Center, LLC and our Asset Coordinator Mike Brooks. As before, we will also work with our other cherished and proven financial advisors to handle insurance needs, and especially stock investment services. Finally, our office will now only take on estate administration cases through collaboration with another law firm or firms. It has become clear over the past year that working with clients through our law office’s core strength of estate planning will not leave adequate time to handle any expansion into probate work while handling that work “in-house.” We have already started the process of engaging with another law firm to help out on our existing probate cases, and we will keep our clients informed.

Focused “Organic” Marketing.

Over the past 25 years, I have not found a sustainable paid marketing system that worked. Print or online advertisements? I have never had an advertisement series pay for itself, ever. Paid website Search Engine Optimization? All this has ever done is make my website wording “sound weird” and bring the wrong type of clients into my office who weren’t ready to take estate planning seriously, had no interest in our process, and were looking for the cheapest deal rather than quality service. Google Adwords or Facebook Ads? Absolutely not. While sometimes Facebook “boosted posts” brought some interested people to events, the actual advertisements didn’t work. Google Adwords was extremely effective about 6-7 years ago for about a year for us, but it ended up being an ineffective money pit once Google decided to retool everything to the point we needed to hire someone who was a specialist, and they could never bring in enough clients to cover the costs. So what does work for us? Consistently providing good, plain English content through our website, YouTube channel, and other social media so that people who are looking for estate and Medicaid planning services can “self-match”with us or have another professional they work with point them in the right direction to learn more.

Yes, 2020 was supposed to be a year of clear vision, and it largely didn’t turn out that way because of the pandemic and other disasters. However, I believe that 2021 can be a year of rebooting back to basics for the law office and all of our wonderful clients.